Everything is Connected – A Night With Peterson Toscano

Everything is Connected 

An Evening of Stories, Most Weird, Many True

The outrageously artful and funny storytelling abilities of Peterson Toscano take the stage here in Tucson, Arizona! By connecting modern issues to his strange personal experiences, Peterson takes his audience into an off-beat contortion of our day to day problems. A born story-telling and performer, Peterson transforms right before your eyes into a comic cast of characters who are able to delve into the serious topics of gender, privilege, religion, and environmental justice. 


Thursday, February 22nd at 7PM 

 University of Arizona
Modern Languages ML 350

1423 E University Blvd

TucsonAZ 85721



Peterson Toscano

playfully exploring the serious worlds of gender, religion, and climate change
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A Queer Response to Climate Change—What Would Walt Whitman Do?

"Comic storyteller and LGBTQ activist Peterson Toscano takes on the biggest issue of them all–global warming–and does so with humor, heart, and to saving the humans. Drawing on his hilarious characters, Peterson makes connections between LGBTQ issues, environmental justice, and climate change. Filled with hope, Peterson will give you a positive vision of the future as he inspires you to take your role in it Peterson expertly weaves in the story of Walt Whitman, who in his 30s was adrift in life and art until he had a soul-shaking experience that jarred him into becoming the most inventive poet of the 19th Century. But he didn’t stop growing and coming out. Another jarring experience transformed him into a loving nurse tending the wounded young Civil War soldiers. Discover your role on our new earth and learn how LGBTQ folks and communities already have experiences and resources that we can draw on in the midst of our current and growing climate crisis. It’s time for the ultimate makeover!"

Sponsors and Partners for this event:

Split Seed Productions - Ana Cornide and Trayce Peterson

University of Arizona Poetry Center

University of Arizona Insitute for LGBT Studies

Southern Arizona Gender Alliance