SplitSeed Productions Founders

Ana Cornide and Trayce Peterson

These are the founders of Split Seed.

Split Seed was born on top of a set of experience and ideals that harnesses the most unique and fulfilling type of environment. Much of what Split Seed believes in sponsors a creative and productive youth, as well as encouraging the current local art scenes to thrive.

The nature of human connection and commitment is why Split Seed is here today. Because of the multitude of collaborators in Tucson, and their ability to act and create movement, all of the events that Split Seed has been apart of has flourished. 

Ana Cornide is a native of Madrid, Spain, where she received her B.A. and her MA degree in Spanish and Latin American Literature from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She received her Ph.D. in Spanish from the University of Virginia. She taught at Earlham College and currently she is an Assistant Professor and the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Spanish and Portuguese Department at the University of Arizona. Alongside her academic career, she has acted and directed plays in Spanish in Spain, Argentina, and the USA. Ana served as dramaturge for the final play of Borderlands 2015-16 season, The Ghosts of Lote Bravo by Hilary Bettis and Digna by Patricia Davis.

Trayce Peterson is a native of Philadelphia, PA and received her B.A. and her Master's of Divinity from Earlham College and Earlham School of Religion respectively. Currently, she is a Master's of Social Work student at Arizona State University. Trayce produced various shows at Earlham College including two Art Is Our Resistance concerts that feature artists such as Rebel Diaz, Dead Prez, and Shadia Mansour as well as a spoken word show featuring Remi Kanazi. Most recently she served as the assistant producer of Digna by Patricia Davis