The SplitSeed Mission

Split Seed Production prides itself on growing its local communities. By supporting their art scene, any person has the power to inspire and uplift those creatives around them. This kind of power is innate essential to those who devote their craft to culture. If you feel called by our mission, become a part of the future.


what does split seed do?


We bring artists from around the world to Arizona to spread their work and spirit. 


SplitSeed Productions uses art-based interventions (visual, theater, music, spoken and written word) to inform, educate and raise awareness about justice and human rights issues (such as but not limit to, refugee displacement, sexual violence, child labor) in order to promote action toward change at the local, national and international levels.

Human rights know no borders


how do we do it?


By uplifting our cultural community and staying connected. 


Split Seed Productions collaborates with local, national, and international artists from various genres to produce concerts, theatrical performances, and events to create a temporary environment where desired social change and an alternate world are imagined.

During each performance, artists and community members establish a meaningful dialogue to expose and address human rights violations by exercising social and political imagination and civic action.