Binational Encuentro: Female Migrations – October 11-19, 2018

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The Binational Encuentro: Female Migrations initiated a conversation among collaborating artists, scholars, and community leaders that reflected on the concepts of border, territory, migration, displacement, and movement through the lenses of gender and sexuality. It took place in Tucson and Douglas, AZ. Participants from Tucson, Phoenix, Douglas, and Mexico City addressed what it means to be a gendered crosser of borders. The position of women as thresholds and as borders to be traversed has often served to silence their own experience of crossing. Female and female-identified migrants have experienced significant physical and psychological violence, amplified by ethnic, environmental, economic violence, and structural violence. However, migrant women have not simply been victims of global processes: they have also shared political and cultural bases for alliance and co-creation.

Collaborating artists/performers included Violeta Luna, Nayla Altamirano, Niña Yhared, and Lorena Orozco Quiyono of Mexico City; Heather Gray, Sarah Gonzales, Leilani Clark, Natalie Brewster Nguyen, Teré T. Fowler-Chapman, Sadie Shaw of Tucson, AZ; Michèle Ceballos Michot and Micha Espinosa of Phoenix, AZ; and Jenea Sanchez, Alan Harris Rubio, and Bibi Harris of Douglas, AZ.